Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vegas - Saturday!

Saturday Morning Brandon and I got up and decided to do what one does when in Vegas...go walk the strip! So we just started at one end...and started walking! And we just went in places we wanted and stopped whenever we felt like it! It was really fun!!!

I think my favorite casino was the Paris! It was really cool...and not that I've ever been to Paris but it felt very much like I was walking the streets of Paris (plus a lot of slot machines thrown in for fun)

Here we are outside the Eiffel Tower...

We also went in to the Planet Hollywood Mall! That is where Holly Madison has her Peep Show. (I didn't know who she was...but Brandon LOVES her! Like really loves her! And if you know Brandon you know just how funny that is!) We were discussing how much Brandon loves her and he was explaining to me who she is and what happened? She walked out of a store and right by us! Our conversation went something like this....

Brandon: Oh my gosh...that was Holly Madison
Tara: Shut up! Are you sure?
B: Yes, that is her, right there
T: The one with the dog and the hat?
B: Yes
T: Well do you want to go stalk her?
B: YES!!!!
T: Let's go

So we turned around and followed the way she had gone...but by then we had spent so much time being shocked that we had really seen her...that we couldn't find her again to follow her :( But let me just say that we could not stop talking about the fact that we really just saw the same time we were talking about her!

So since we were not quick enough to get a real picture of her and follow her for the day....we just took many pictures of Brandon with her posters instead...

There is this one....

And this one is just funny...

But this one is my VERY FAVORITE...

We had so much fun taking that picture! I could seriously not stop laughing! And Brandon is trying so hard not to laugh for the picture! And now looking at it again I can't stop laughing! So so so so funny! (Notice the people behind him watching us and the guy sitting down giving Brandon a thumbs up!!!)

While in the mall we found a Build-A-Bear! (If you know me at all you know how much I love Build-A-Bear!) I didn't buy anything but Brandon did get a picture of the 'show girl' bear! Hee Hee!

We grabbed lunch at sbarro and got pizza....

We also watched a really lame 'rain storm'. We sat around and waited for it for like 15 minutes and it was LAME!!! A few sprinkles that hit the pool of water in the floor and some lights flashing and thunder sounds...LAME!!!

Also we went in the New York, New York, the Coke Store, the M&M Store, and many other casinos! So much fun! Kelli met up with us in the afternoon and after walking around some more we headed back to Brandon's to get ready for....


Stay tuned for the next blog all about it!!!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Consider Me Gone!

I just need to take a break in the Vegas blog posting to say....

REBA'S NEW VIDEO IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's for her new song 'Consider Me Gone' and can be found on the Reba website!

It is fantastic, she is beautiful, and I LOVE it!!!!


Watch it.

Go now.