Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reba Update!

Just a little update! I said last night that her new cd was #1 on the charts! I didn't realize that meant she was #1 on the Billboard Music Charts! That means all genres of music! Not just country!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!!!

I also learned on the radio this morning that she now holds the record for the female to have the most #1 albums! She now has 11! She was previously tied with Loretta Lynn at 10!

GO REBA!!!!!

(This is an old picture but one of my VERY favorites of Reba!!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Reba's new CD "Keep On Loving You' came out last week and I have been telling anyone who will listen (and those who don't want to listen!) how good the CD is! I mean, it is REALLY good! And not just good because I love all things Reba...but really really good!! And it seems I am not the only one who thinks that because it hit #1 on the charts yesterday!! HOW TOTALLY FABULOUS IS THAT!?!?!? I LOVE REBA!!!!

Her first single was 'Strange'My current favorite on the CD is 'Pink Guitar'

Did I mention that I LOVE the new CD? Seriously...go out and buy it or download it right now...TOTALLY worth it!

And just because I'm excited....I am going to her concert on Saturday the 5th in Primm, Nevada! And Brandon & Kelli are going with me!!! 10 days!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Brandon's Farewell Party!

My bestie Brandon moved to Las Vegas to go to UNLV!! (YAY for him, boooo for having to move) I'm a little behind on updating since he's been there for over a week! But anyways...we had one last Burger Bar and Nerts night before he left! We had so much fun playing almost every friday night after Whoopee! Definitely some of my favorite memories and I made and strengthened some fantastic friendships!

Becky, Ashley, Kelland, Annie, Rachel, Brandon, & Me

Annie had a weird eye thing going on. We were worried it was pink eye or something else contagious so Becky kindly made her this awesome pirate patch!! (FYI turns out she just has blisters on her eye so no worries of catching it)

Awesome huh!?!?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Demolition Derby

Last night I went to my first ever Demolition Derby and it was AWESOME!!! I figured I would enjoy the derby but I honestly had no idea that it would be as much fun as it was. A bunch of beat up old cars running into each other. So so so much fun! We saw alot of cool things, in the very first heat one car went right up and landed on top of another car. And in another heat one car pushed another car so it ended up on its side. It was so cool! And the best part is that no one was hurt (I caused me much anxiety as the cars were running into each other but since it all ended well...I was ok!) And I got to cowboy suit up! I wore my cowboy boots, my cowboy hat, and my cowboy shirt! And the company was fantastic!!! It was a pretty great night! LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!!

Thanks again Chris & Emily for inviting us!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reasons I LOVED Today!

Here are just a few reasons why I LOVED today! In no particular order...

1. Reba's new CD comes out next week...making it less than 7 days!!!

2.Brooks & Dunn are breaking up!!! I hate Brooks & Dunn and so that just makes me happy!

3. George Strait's new CD came out today! (It is so good...and he is GORGEOUS!)

4. I gave blood today! (I triple love to give blood!) When they poked me - it didn't work on the first stick - they had to poke around until they got it. It was the first time ever - I have ALWAYS bled on the first poke before. So that part was NOT one of the reasons I loved today.

5. BDeanna stopped at Barnes & Noble on her way home from work today just because she loves me! She stopped to pick up the People Country magazine that Reba is on the cover of because I couldn't find it anywhere! I LOVE BDeanna!

6. Beauty & The Beast rehearsal. They are seriously sounding sooooooooooo good!!!!

7. I got to hold Baby Celia thru the whole rehearsal...she is such a good baby and so dang cute! I even got to feed her!

8. Talking to Leslie & Shelby after rehearsal

9. Talking to Leslie forever in the parking lot after rehearsal

10. Texting my best friend for the last couple days!

11. Did I mention less than a week til Reba's new CD comes out?

12. Did I mention I got to hold the baby thru all of rehearsal?

13. Now I am going to fall asleep watching Pushing Daisies...the perfect way to end a great day!

Good night!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kati was in town!!

You know how you have some friends that you can talk to everyday and also go weeks without talking to but it makes no difference? The moment you see each other it is as if absolutely no time as passed? That is the way it is with my friend Brandi! We just 'get' each other ya know!?!?

Anyways, so back in high school and the few years after that, we spent ALOT of time up at her dad's house in Logan and in turn I became really good friends with her family! So not only do I have a best friend Brandi but I also got an extra family! Her sister Kati was in town for the week from California, we were all supposed to spend the day at Lagoon but it got canceled cuz of the 'rain'. That made Becky & I very happy but Kati, not so much! She was NOT HAPPY about the canceling of Lagoon! Anyways, we ended up having a BBQ and just hanging out at Brittni's (so much better than Lagoon!).

Me with Cami & Kati (this was Cami's 'sexy face') :)

All the sisters! Brandi, Cami, Brittni, Kati, Becky, & Me! We seriously had so much fun!

In the picture on Brittni's camera - they are actually touching tongues. EWWWW!!!! The reason my eyes are closed is cause I was laughing so hard!

Here are all the girls!
Me, Brandi, Cindy, Brittni w/Jazlyn
Becky, Cami w/Tyra, Kati

Years ago, Cami came and stayed at my house for a few days (I think this time it was for the Shania Twain concert but I could be wrong) and during that time, Becky & Cami played ALOT of Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo, well I have downloaded Donkey Kong Country onto my Wii and as soon as Cami found that out she wanted to go to my house to play! Unfortunately our leaving cause Tyra to be VERY unhappy! The only thing that calmed her down was me promising to bring my Mr. Potatoe Head toys back with us. We actually had alot of fun playing...and as you can see...Cami & Tyra had the most fun!

I just had to spend the whole time making sure Cindy didn't try to steal my toys...she was a little jealous!!!!

We had such a good time! It was fun just to get together and get caught up and see each other again!!! I LOVE them!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I HATE Spiders!

So I'm sitting in the basement organizing my DVD's (putting away the DVD's that people have borrowed and now brought back) and I'm talking to Becky on the phone when I see out of the corner of my eye what I think is a spider run across the floor. Our carpet down here is kinda a color that spiders blend into so I wasn't sure...and of course it kinda ran under the definitely not sure. So I'm talking to Becky and say "I think I just saw a spider so if I start screaming I am not getting raped!" So we keep talking and I am just standing there staring at the place on the floor I last saw the spider (because I can't move...for fear of it crawling on me or disappearing on me) and we are talking through what I am going to do if it crawls back out (normally we just stand and scream HELP until someone comes to our rescue...but I was home alone so I had to take care of the situation myself!) and then I see it (it was definitely a spider...not HUGE...but definitely big...way way bigger than I wanted to deal with on my own) so of course I start screaming!!! Then luckily it crawled along the bottom of the TV and so I used a Wii game case (rented so I didn't even get spider guts on my own) to smash it. EW EW EW EW EW...not only am I afraid of spiders (terribly terribly afraid) but I also HATE the sound that smashing them makes! I did set the phone down as I smashed it to save Becky's ears but I screamed alot and EW EW EW-ed ALOT!!!!


P.S. Growning up I used to pay my brother a dime for each spider he killed for me! I could even wake him up in the middle of the night and he would kill the spiders for me!!!! Those are the days I miss!!!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Family

For Christmas my brother game me The Office Board Game! So of course we had to try it out! (Yes, this is Christmas Eve! I just wanted to post it now!)

Dad, Nick, Mom, Becky, & Me
Aren't we a good looking bunch!!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Weekend!

I had a fun and very busy weekend!!!!

1. It started with closing night of Whoopee!
Whoopee has been such a fun show to get to work on! Not only was it an excellent (and hilarious) show but I made some of the best friendships and had so much fun hanging out after the show. I am definitely gonna miss this cast and all the fun we had. I was sad to see it close but am excited to start rehearsals for Beauty & the Beast!

Jacci, Me, Ashley, & Kristi
I hung out in the dressing room with these awesome girls before almost every show!

Me, Lisa, & Lindsay! I love when Lisa & I get to work the shows together! And Lindsay worked backstage and did a FANTASTIC job!!! Thanks Linds!

After the show we had a birthday party for Kim & Annie! This is them fake blowing out their candles!

Brandon & I enjoying the party!

Kelland & Ashley (it was cold in there)

Then we went back to my house and played Nerts! We had so much fun and laughed ALOT!

And while we played, Kelland & Shelby took a little nap!

2. Then Saturday morning was the Roy Days parade (sorry no pictures) I didn't get to stay very long but there were lots of fun people (like always) that came and sat by us! I love ROY DAYS!

3. The reason I had to leave the parade early is because we had our first rehearsal for Beauty & the Beast! I am so excited! It looks like we have an amazing cast, I can't wait to see what they can do! And I ALWAYS love working with Leslie! It's going to be a great show!

4. Then Leslie had a baby shower for Baby Celia at her house! She's our little miracle baby and we are all so excited to have her in our playhouse family that we needed a party to celebrate!

Morgan & I blowing up balloons!

Baby Celia!!!! Isn't she so cute! That is one loved baby!

5. Then we had a Whoopee! cast party @ the Egginton's! Man, they know how to throw a party! (once again no pictures...sorry) They had swimming, delicious food, karaoke, and the best part...good company! It was an excellent party!

6. Brandon & I also made a quick stop at a friend's family members wedding reception.

7. Then back to the cast party!

8. Then to more Roy Days fun! Me, Amy, & Jenn joined my family up at the park for the best fireworks! Only complaint...they did not play 'God Bless The USA'. Sad :( It was definitely a night of oddly selected music!

9. Then for my very very favorite part of Roy Days...The Famous Russ Milkshakes! This year I think we had 30+ people at our house! And they were as delicious as I remembered!!! Then my friends stuck around for quite some time and we just talked!

It was a pretty great day!!!! I have some of the very best friends and a pretty dang good life!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I'm really tired so I am ready to go to bed! It is almost 4 in the morning so I guess maybe it is time!! Do you ever have those moments when you realize you are freaking lucky and are pretty positive you have the best friends anyone could ever ask for?!?! That was my day today! It was just a great great day! I really do have a pretty fantastic life and definitely the best friends ever!