Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The good news I couldn't post last night!!!

Kelli is coming back to work!!!!!

Here is the story in short. Kelli (our awesome secretary) quit a couple of months ago and nothing has been the same since. Well I have half joking/half not jokingly asked (okay maybe on the verge of begged) her to come back every time I have seen her and each and every time she has responded with a quick and absolute no. :( Well last night after the movie we were talking and she did not say no. She actually said ok and we talked about the reasons we wanted her back and the reasons she wanted to come back and it just seemed like everything fell right into place (she even had a dream that she worked with us again-if that's not meant to be I don't know what is!!) Well I called Altina (while still sitting in the movie theatre) we talked, she said she'd talk to her other partner in the morning. So today she talked to him, they made a plan, they called Kelli, she accepted, and she starts on Thursday!!! Yes, like in 2 days!!! Seriously, words cannot describe how happy I am right now! We are not getting rid of anyone, we are just shifting around the way a few things are done and she will be back! All the stress and worry I have had about getting everything done has totally dissolved! I mean, don't get me wrong, I still have an overwhelming amount to get done...but now it actually seems do-able! And I am not dreading this tax season as much as I was 24 hours ago!!!

Sometimes I just love life!!! (okay I do almost all the time but right now particularly more than usual!)

Monday, January 12, 2009

So far behind

Oh man, I have so much to blog about! I still have a ton of cabin pictures/stories that I need to post and I have some show reviews to write about (one good one bad!) And I will get to all that I promise!!!! But as for now I just want to post a little blog because today turned out to be a FANTASTIC day!!! For lunch today Me, Jenn, Amy, & Megan (& Kenzie) went to lunch at Roosters and then walked the two doors down to the yarn store (Needlepoint Joint) and they each picked which yarn they wanted for me to make them a beanie out of!! I am way excited to work on them! Then for movie night Me, Amy, & Kelli went and saw Bride Wars. I loved it! It was the cutest friend show. I won't give anything away but it was just a feel good movie about how important friends are! and it was funny too! Oh and my favorite part is that Steve Howey (Van from the Reba Show) is in it!

After the movie is when the best thing ever happened! (I can't say what it was because nothing is official so sorry to leave anyone who cares in limbo...) But let me just say that it is what I have been hoping and praying for and it relieved more stress than imaginable! I seriously am still smiling! I can't believe how everything just came together and worked out awesomely!! I will share what it is as soon as I can but just know that I am BEYOND happy about it!!!!

Then I got to see my friend Trevor in the parking lot...I freakin LOVE him!

Such a great, wonderful, magnificent, fantastic day!!!!!

And now I am off to go buy Reba Season 5 on dvd! See perfect day!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jenn likes (?) to burn food!

Its kinda a funny running joke that Jenn has to burn something while we are at the cabin. And I don't mean the little 'oops I think I cooked that too long', I mean the 'crap why is there smoke filling the whole room'?

Amy made some pop and fresh cinnamon rolls and they were still doughy...well she'd already put the frosting on them so we didn't want to just put them back in the oven and so Jenn thought it would be a good idea to finish cooking it in the microwave. Well that might have been a good idea if she had put them in for a reasonable amount of time or even watched it cook. But nope, she put it for a really high time limit and didn't watch it at all until the kitchen was filling with smoke.

Here are a couple pictures of the poor cinnamon roll (Becky said it looks like poop on a plate - and I can't really argue with her)

Here it is still smoking in the microwave

When she took it out of the microwave she threw it out onto the deck to cool off!

In case you were wondering...the plate did come clean. Megan and I doubted Jenn's abilities but it totally came clean with no sign of burn-age!

Oh and the place smelled like burnt cinnamon roll for a good 10-12 hours!!


When we got to the cabin and were unloading everything (and yes I did pack ALOT of stuff!) I picked up a grocery bag that had a two liter of pop in it and the bottom of the bag came out and the two liter landed on my foot! It hurt so so bad! I was actually worried for a while that it might be broken but I don't think it is...just really really bruised and tender!
Below are two pictures of the bruise. I couldn't get a very good picture of it, it was much darker and a cool purple color in real life but these'll have to do. It is my baby toe and up into my foot if you need help finding the bruise.

Did I mention that it really hurt?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Little Cabin Info!

So when we are at the cabin, we do A WHOLE LOTTA NOTHIN'!!!!! Really we do 4 things. Well 5 if you count sleep!

1.We played the wiiBrad on guitar and Jenn on drums

Kelsey on drums and me on the guitar

Amy is an awesome singer!

Me, Marsha, Megan, & Jeff playing Mario Kart!

Although we didn't get any pictures of it...Jenn & Megan played ALOT of Super Mario 3 and it was so entertaining to watch! They were not very good so we did A TON of laughing! So much fun!

2. We watched movies/How I Met Your Mother (we watched I think 4 movies and almost 2 seasons of How I Met Your Mother!)

3. We went sledding/4-wheeling! And we did it alot! We went a couple times each day...it was either snowing or really cold but that did not stop us from having soooooooooo much fun!!!

We had two 4 wheelers and many sleds...each time we would swap who did what. We would send one 4 wheeler down ahead of the sledders to stop any cars from coming up the road...then the sledders would go down...then the second 4 wheeler would follow behind in case someone got hurt (which luckily no one did this time) You will notice in the pictures that I am not on sleds very often, (I'm kinda a wimp-I did go down quite a few times...mostly doubled up with Amy but I did try the wooden sled by the end) I spent most of my time driving the 4 wheeler (which worked out nicely cuz I love 4 wheelers and everyone else wanted to ride the sleds anyways!)

Jenn & Megan riding double

Jeff tried out snowboarding

Here comes Megan, Jenn, & Jeff

And there goes Megan, Jenn, & Jeff

I think this is Kelsey, Jenn, & Megan

Jenn & Amy with the 4 wheeler

Amy, Kelsey, Me (with my awesome pink bibs!!!) & Jeff

Megan & Jenn

To get back up to the top we would mostly just all climb onto the 4 wheelers and ride up that way

But sometimes we would pull the sleds behind the 4 wheeler

Me driving the 4 wheeler pulling Jeff, Amy is driving the 4 wheeler with Kelsey taking pictures pulling Megan & Jenn

Me driving with Jeff on the sled

Megan & Jenn liked to try to run into each other

Which would usually end like this!

4. We eat! ALOT!! We are all on our own for breakfast and lunch and snacks! And it seriously feels like all I did was eat! I probably gained a ton of weight but I don't even care! Then this year we did something we've never done before...we each were in charge of one dinner. Me & Jenn were made BBQ chicken, rice-a-roni, and red lobster rolls! Amy & Kelsey did hobo dinners! And Megan & Jeff did spaghetti & garlic bread! It worked so well! And we definitely had plenty to eat!

So that is how we spent all our waking hours! (I have more stories for blogs to come) It was an absolutely fantastic time!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Back!

So I have had many comments about how I need to post! So here I am! I was without internet for about 5 days then since I got home I just haven't had time! And I was waiting to get the pictures off Jenn's camera before I posted...and that happened tonight! So the next few days worth of posts will be all about my FABULOUS time at the cabin!! We didn't take near as many pictures as we usually do but I should be able to come up with quite a bit to blog about!

For now though...I'm going to bed...I am EXHAUSTED! But here is a picture to start with!