Thursday, February 19, 2009

Walmart Bingo

I got this email at work the other day....
so we called our friend Diana who works at Walmart in Avondale and she told us that if we'd fax it to her, she'd fill it out at lunch and fax it back! And this is what we got a couple hours later...


Sunday, February 15, 2009

So cute....

The only thing cuter than this....

Is this...


Seriously. Love. Him.

It's amazing what you can find at the playhouse....

So years and years ago before the playhouse was the playhouse, it was a grocery store. Actually I think it was multiple grocery stores, but at one point in the late 70's and early 80's it was a Smith's. I knew that my dad worked there, I even remember the days when we were a one car family and he had to be to work early early early in the morning and they would carry me out to the car and lay me in the back seat asleep, we would drop him off at work, come home and my mom would carry me back to bed! Good old memory!

But anyways...the place has been remodeled and changed a million imagine my surprise when we found this one the stairs going upstairs...

Gordon Skinner is my mom's youngest brother and worked there starting in 78! How funny is that! When we saw it I called my dad and said "I know you worked here...but did Gordon work here?" to which he of course replied "Yes" so between that and the fact that it is totally his handwriting...this is my uncle!!! Isn't that awesome! And I am not 100% positive...but the 'that's right' written underneath could easily be my dad's handwriting!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Roasting! we really like to roast things! Cooking things over a fire is something we love to do! We love to walk down the isle at Walmart and find things that we can roast! Some of our favorites are chicken nuggets (my personal favorite), mini egg rolls, mini corn dogs (I don't actually like that because I don't like corn dogs but my friends say they're really good!), sandwiches (we have special sandwich roasting sticks), and of course the traditional marshmellows! Well its been a LONG time since we had a fire and could roast things!

We have a pretty nice little heater in our basement (because it is always FREEZING down there!) and so Jenn brought over some marshmellows and tried to roast them! First she had to fasten a long roasting device. It is made out of paper clips and lots and lots of duct tape...

Then she put the marshmellow on....

And roasted the marshmellow!

It was a very good attempt and she tried really hard and definitely gets an 'A' for effort...but unfortunately...even though a heater gets really does not effectively roast a marshmellow...more like crystalizes it or something...I'm not really sure! So was very fun to watch but was not very successful!

Mr. Potato Head

Jenn & Kenzie played with my Mr. Potato Head toys while they were here!! Cute huh!

Kenzie wanted hers to have a camera since I was taking a picture of them!

Superbowl Party!

Okay...for the most part I could care less about the superbowl but I love that it almost guarantees there will be a party of some kind for me to go to! And I DO love parties! Well Megan & Jeff invited us to their new house to watch it! I watched almost none of the game and actually even very few of the commercials but had a FANTASTIC time! It was so much fun!!!

Here are a few pics of our fun night!

Here we are! Jenn, Amy, Me, & Megan (If you look closely you can see Megan's beanie that I'm working on!)

I'm not sure why Jenn took this picture but it does show that I've got the two beanie patterns in front of me trying to figure out how many to cast on for Kenzie's beanie!

Just Jenn & I

The start of Kenzie's beanie (don't my nails look really good here?)

Megan fell asleep...Jenn just wanted to say hi!

Kenzie's beanie a while later! (Notice how cute my slipper boots are!)

Megan fell asleep again...Jenn decided to have some fun!

Jenn wanted Megan to wake up for a picture!

She's sitting up but not quite awake!

And here we are...I love my friends!

P.S. Jenn wanted the steelers to win, Megan & Jeff wanted the cardinals to win, and I wanted the cardinals to win cuz I LOVE when Amy got there the conversation went like this...

Me: "Who do you want to win"
Amy: "I could really care less"
Me: "Jenn wants the Steelers and the rest of us want the Cardinals"
Amy: "Cardinals it is!"

It was sooooooooo funny!

Look How Cute!

So a couple of weeks ago my friends Jenn, Megan, & Amy said they wanted me to knit them a we went to lunch then walked to the yarn store so they could pick out the yarn they wanted. Well of course Kenzie came with us...mainly because she is convinced she is one of us and we are her friends just as much if not more than Jenn's! So anyways...she picked out some yarn that she wanted for a beanie! And I have to say...I am awesome! I have a pattern for 0-6 months and a pattern for adults but nothing in between so I had to guess and not to brag or anything...but it turned out so cute!!!!

She came over today with Jenn 'to hang out' and to get it from me! Here she is trying it on for the first time! (I've finished the other beanies as well and will try to get them to all bring them the same night so we can get a picture all together!)

She is SOOOOOO cute! And it TOTALLY fits!

I'm Back!

I know, I know, it's been FOREVER since I updated my blog! There have been many reasons but mainly its because I was so busy with other things that by the time I got home...the last thing I wanted to do was have to actually think enough to write something here that would make sense and be worth it! But I do have quite a bit to blog about so I'm gonna try to get caught up. And seriously...I have been so busy that I haven't even taken very many pictures lately!

But enough with excuses...I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!